<b>Levels of faith </b>


There are levels of faith available to us in Christ, but some people will stay all of their lives on the lowest level because


<b>1.</b> Perhaps they do not know there are levels of faith


<b>2.</b> They are too afraid to launch out, too afraid to trust God


<b>3.</b> So what happens is that they go through life and  miss His best, because they never grow in their faith .


<b>4.</b> Everything in the Kingdom of God operates by faith


Eph 2:8  We all start in God with saving faith, this is the gift of God that we receive when we are born again, the faith of Christ.


He wants to cause us to Grow into Christ so that we receive more and more of His faith, moving from faith to faith in levels of Christ.


Rom 1:17 To move from one level of faith, to the next level of faith requires that we are prepared to give up No faith or unbelief in exchange for more of Christ's faith


<b>It is an exchange .</b>


<b>Level -1</b> No faith - is unbelief


<b>Level 0 </b> Head faith, Little faith or Lack of Faith, is wrestless faith. Little faith is saying I know God can, but I am not sure He will do it for me.


Little faith is struggling because it is wrestling against the Kingdom of God, wrestling against a whole new way of thinking regarding the way we live (Rom 12:2)


Little faith is being unsure, little faith has no confidence, little faith always wavers (James 1:6) tossed to and fro, God cannot honour that kind of faith.


<b>Little faith is worrying</b> (Mat 6:25, 6:34 amp)


Does this verse mean we shouldn't care at all what we wear or about investments or monetary matters?


No. The meaning here is that we are to take no anxious thought, or literally, " Take no worry ."


The word worry means literally " to strangle ." If you're worried about what you're wearing, eating, or drinking about what you have or don't have materially your personality will be tied in knots and strangled.


It has been estimated that it takes approximately sixty trillion droplets of fog to cover seven city blocks.


Now sixty trillion droplets, or seven city blocks ' worth of fog, can close down airports and tie up cities.


Yet, if you condensed those sixty trillion fog droplets, you would end up with only half a glass of water.


That's a good picture of what worry is all about.

You begin with something little, only half a glass of water. But you start thinking about it and wrestling with it, wondering, how is this going to work out?


How am I going to do that? And before long, you can't see straight, and your  airport is shut down.


You're not hearing from the Lord, and you ' are not soaring with the Lord as you once did because you're all fogged in.


Jesus said, " Don't take any anxious thought whatsoever.


Don't let worry strangle you. Don't end up in a fog ."


When Jesus was in His own home town, He found that their lack of faith was not a function of not having enough faith, it was their dependence upon their own human belief that was not accompanied by faith.


The kind of reasoning, that says 'that cannot be that because it does not fit in with my ideas of how it should be', that robbed them of a mighty move of God that day.


How important is it to begin to realise that my own belief is not faith, but it is really my dependence on something other than God.


For many Christians and almost all non Christians, their anchor of faith is self, or themselves and their own abilities or in the case of inferiority, their lack of ability.


Lack of faith comes in different forms, some people have little faith in God because He appears not to punish His enemies.


Others doubt they would be able to persuade God to grant them their desires, especially when their conscience bothers them with the thought that God will not forgive them their sins.


Still others fear that God will deprive them of all earthly goods and lifestyle.


This triple manifestation of lack of faith alienates many people from God.


We will not have intimacy with God or please Him when we doubt what His word says.


Scripture tells us that our heavenly Father takes pleasure in us only if we trust Him: And without faith it is not possible to please God ( Heb 11:1).


It is doubt that short circuits our ability to receive the faith of God and causes our requests to become cancelled.


If we trust God and do not doubt Him, we will begin to experience His power to do things that, humanly speaking, are impossible.


<b>Doubt obstructs our ability to receive. </b>


Head faith seeks information, more seminars, more tapes, more books, chasing after only the written word, or the logos. (a Greek word referring to only the written word)


We must move from the logos word only, to the logos word implanted in our heart (rhema word, Matt 16:15-17)


When Jesus said to Peter, but who do you say that I am? Peter answered you are the Christ, the son of the living God.


Jesus answered, you did not get that from men, or something you read, you got that from my Father in Heaven


Peter had received the word directly from the throne of God, via the Holy spirit, not from the written word that he had read.


It was a word spoken by God directly into his heart (spirit) by the Holy Sprit, this is a rhema word, (Luke 4:4-5) which is every word that proceeds from God, for faith comes by the rhema word. (Rom 10:17)


<b>Moving from head to heart faith</b> (Rom 10)


Moving from head faith, or head knowledge is a battle in the mind, because the mind feeds on information. The mind needs to be changed (Rom 12:2) or renewed by the word of God.


It is not renewing the mind to simply gain more and more information and knowledge.


Renewing the mind is not learning new things and gaining more knowledge, it is a complete mind change from natural thinking, to thinking the way God thinks, the word of God. (Is 55:8-9)


But receiving revelation of the word by the Holy Spirit, just as Peter did that day.


The battlefield is in your mind, the mind continually wants to draw us back into head faith, just as with Peter, following his amazing revelation from God, regarding Jesus being The Christ.


A little while later in the same chapter he is rebuked by Jesus who says that what he just said had a root in satan, because it was man's thinking to say "Lord, this must never happen to you'" (Matt 16:22-23)


Why does satan not mind if you build head faith from head knowledge?


Your mind is the birthplace, the incubator, the beginning point of everything you do, satan knows this well.


His entire strategy is to break your focus, sabotage your concentration and cause you to abort your assignment from God, preventing you from moving into the next level of faith.


So the real battleground of life is your mind, guard it well. (Phil 4:8)


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