Level of Faith (confidence in God & His Word (John 1:23 the straight way, level, straight path in the Lord)

Degrees of faith – according to the power working in you, faith eph 3:20 more than believing must act upon James 2:17

 1 John 5:14

 And this is the confidence (the assurance, the privilege of boldness) which we have in Him: [we are sure] that if we ask anything (make any request) according to His will (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to and hears us

There are different levels of faith during spiritual growth.  Each one has a test and with each successive higher level, there is less support from God. Finally God seems to withdraw from us, although He is always with us and in us. God has sought us, He chose us, we did not choose Him, now we are to become the seeker, the persuer after God's own heart, no matter what, there are many battles, but do we still love him?  Do we still trust in him, no matter what?

There are various levels of faith


-2 no faith

Mar 4:40

nothing in me



People that perceive signs and miracles with their senses but reject them and therefore reject Jesus

People in Jesus’ home town Mt 13:54-58
Mk 6: 1- 6 Unbelievers in Jerusalem Jn 12:37-50

People who worry Mt 6:24-34

Disciples in the storm Mt 8:23-27
Mk 4:35-41 Lk 8:22-25

Peter walks on water Mt 14:22-23

Disciples forgot bread Mt 16: 5-12

Disciples casting out Mt 17:14-21

Father of son with dumb spirit

Mt 17:14-18 Mk 9:14-27 Lk 9:37-43

-1 Lack of Faith

Mar 6:6 Mar 16:14

Unbelief Hard heart double minded (Ps 119:113, Jas 1:8)



0 head faith own faith carnal mind

 Rom 8:7

Carnal mind opposite and against God,  faith in self, Apart from me you can do nothing



1. common faith, General Faith

 Tit 1:4 Rom 12:3

 shared by all, measure of faith at salvation (Rom 12:3)



2. weak faith

 Rom 14:1 Rom 4:19 (not weak)

Questions God (Amp weak believer) sits and swings between head faith and unbelief

Weak Faith – Everyone begins here. Weak faith considers circumstances. It constantly limits God and His benefits. Wrong teachings are an influence here. It cannot see the Spirit, the power of God, or that God can do all things


It is a wavering between faith in the supernatural and being impressed by what the senses perceive and inclines to the latter

3. little faith

 Mat 16:8 Math 6:30

Do you mean what you say God? will he not clothe you?


Little Faith

People only believe in the supernatural after it has happened and after they have checked it out

Nathanael Jn 1:50 Disciples Jn 2:22

Many people Jn 2:23 Nicodemus Jn 3:12

Thomas Jn 20:24-29

4. temporary faith

 Luke 8:13

When test come it fails no root not established

Temporary Faith – As we grow stronger, we receive the Word of God for awhile, and believe, but then fail when tests come. (Luke 8:15)


5. mental or thought faith (knowledge, information, logos) must transfer to spirit (Rhema)

 Jam 2:14

Will not act upon, just hears and hears (information, just knowledge) faith without works



6. active faith

 Jam 2:22

No defeat, faith acting with works established , living faith (the just shall live by faith Heb 10:38)

Active Faith – Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26) We need to do more than just believe, since even the demons believe and tremble. The apostles acted on their faith, preached the gospel, and did good works

People believe in God and in the supernatural and a point of contact helps them to apply it.

Woman subject to bleeding

Mt 9:20-22 Mk 5:24-34 Lk 8:42-48

Jairus Mt 9:18-26 Mk 5:21-43 Lk 8:40-56

Bartimaeus Mt 20:29-34 Mk 10:46-52 Lk 18:35-43

Sinful woman Lk 7:36-50

10 Lepers Lk 17:11-19

Sick in the shadow Ac 5:15

7. strong faith

 Rom 4:20

Refuses to quit or be defeated, established staggers not, not matter what circumstance

Strong faith – This is a faith that staggers not at

God’s promises. One refuses defeat, and will not take no for an answer. The person speaks out loud to the devil, rebuking him, and releases God into action.


8. great faith, water walking

 Mat 8:10 Luk 7:9

Mature, cast out speak the word only, centurion, Peter walking faith Rhema overcome situations and circumstances, standing in Praise worship and thanks,, no matter what comes

Great Faith – has a great expectation, that just hearing the word is enough for the request to be granted. As in the centurion, who said “you only need to speak the word, and my servant will be healed.” He did not even ask Jesus to come. His words were enough. (Matt 8:10)

Great Faith

People who believe in the word of God

Canaanite woman

Mt 15:21-28 Mk 7:25-30


Mt 8:5-13 Lk 7:1-10

9. unfeigned faith, geniune, sincere

 1 Tim 1:5

No hypocrisy, genuine, sincere, mind stayed on Him ( Is 26:3) quiet yet powerful

Unfeigned faith –(genuine) – It knows no hypocrisy. It does not brag or put on a show. (2 Tim 1:5) Very childlike, trusting and innocent, and is well founded in the Word of Go


10. divine faith

 Gal 2:20 Heb 11:39 heb 11:2

Abraham faith, nevertheless not I but Christ who lives in me, never knows defeat, never knows lack, never fails


Victorious Faith

People who believe that the word of God that they speak out of their own mouth will accomplish what it says: They call things that are not as though they were

David 1Sa 17:46 Abigail 1Sa 25:26

Jesus Mt Mk Lk Jn 70 Disciples Lk 10:1-20

Believers Mk 16:17-18 Peter Ac 3:1-10

Paul Ac 16:18 The two witnesses Re 11:3-14

The overcomers Re 12:11

11. precious faith

 2 Peter 1:1 2 Peter 1:7

Reigns in life, righteousness power, passed the test into testimony faith purified by fire


Gift of Faith

Supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit

Believers 1Co 12:9

12. violent faith

 Mat 11:12

The violent take by force



13. Most Holy Faith, Sonship

 Jude 1:20 John 1:12 (power)

Tongues built in word becomes flesh ready to receive inheritance Sonship (Acts 20:32)

7. Perfect (divine) faith – Absolute confidence in God’s own Word and Being.This will be tested with fiery trials.

While other levels of faith receive some support, and encouragement from God, this level takes what is learned from earlier levels, and endures to the end without apparent support.

Tribulation will come. Suffering will come. Good works continue, in spite of persecutions.

We no longer care about our own needs. We forget who we are, and only desire to serve His purpose, and have His needs met.

Prayers are spoken, but there is no answer, yet one continues to hold on and believe.

There are wars, and one loses the war.

There is sickness, and there is no healing.

There are problems, and they are never resolved.

One does good, and it is called evil, and is punished for it.

One is faithful, and is betrayed by others.

One is generous, and loses everything.

One is alone, and no one comes to comfort.

One blesses, and is cursed and rejected in return.

One calls out to God, and does not receive an answer. One feels abandoned.

You are afflicted, but there is no deliverance.

Where are the promises, and the answers we have been waiting for?

But will that person respond by abandoning God?

This is the level of “the cross.”

There is no reward in this life at this point. Suffering seems to be around every corner. Will we endure to the end? Will we be faithful, without helps, and rewards, and interventions from God?

This is the point where we could lose our lives for the gospel.

Are we ready? Will we die for Him?

Is our love enough? Is our faith great enough? Have we died to ourselves yet, where HE is the only One that matters any more?

Have we forgotten who we are yet, and can only think of Him?

The faith God is looking for is NOT the faith that comes, because he helped us, or rewarded us, to encourage us.

The faith he is looking for is the faith that continues to trust and love, when God has seemed to turn away, and there is NO reward coming at all. Jude1:20 But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith, make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit;

Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. (amp)