Let's look at some common questions about whether God exists or not


 If God really does exist, surely Science and Technology are proving that God is a myth  

 If God is around how come we can't see him?

 Why does God let man's inhumanity to man continue?

 Why would a loving God, allow all the suffering in the world?

Why do all the babies die in wars and why is there so much

        pain, suffering and why are people starving all over the world?

 If there really were a God, wouldn't he sort everything out?

To look at the question of whether God exists, or if he really is a myth, we must ask the question, what evidence do we have that he does not exist, surely Science and Technology are proving that God is a myth. Science deals with theories, then utilises experiments to prove and validate the theory which, when qualified is the accepted as a viable scientific principle. The principal is further validated when it can be measured and reproduced by others using the same experimental methods and principles, it then becomes accepted by the scientific community as scientific fact.


An example of an established scientific principle is the theory of gravity, which by repetitive experimentation is now established as a scientific fact. Gravity can be described as a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other. It is most commonly experienced as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped.


Since science and technology deals with what is measurable and can be repeated by experimentation, in the case of God, the concept of God cannot be measured and qualified by experimentation, since God is Spirit (Joh 4:24) and by known methods if spirit exists it cannot be measured.


This explains why God, if He exists and is indeed spirit, cannot be seen  by the natural eye. Gravity is also unseen but can be validated by repeatable experimentation, the concept of God cannot.


Since scientific methods cannot be used to explain the concept of God, there remains rational thought, logic and conjecture to validate God. But since God is Spirit and Spirit is outside of our known rationality, logic and conjecture, this method brings us only to a conclusion based upon personal opinion and experience.
To apply personal opinion and simply say that we do not believe God exists, is to leave ourselves in a stale mate position of no discussion, but more than this it would be to close our minds off to the possibility that he does exist. That would be narrow minded and shallow, you owe it to yourself, to find out if he is real, why, well for one thing your future and eternity may depend upon it.


There are almost as many opinions about who God is as there are sands on the sea shore, yet every opinion is just    that, an opinion of who mankind thinks that God is, this is called religion (a word derived from a Latin word religio,    meaning a return to bondage) religion has been developed by mankind to attempt to explain and interpret who they    think God. is and to establish rules and regulations which dictate how mankind should conduct their lives in order to be    pleasing to whomever the religion defines who God is. This causes mankind to be held in a form of bondage to    religious thinking, because it is not defining who God is, but rather it is defining who mankind thinks that God is.


If God exists who is He?

Religion is one of the prime reasons that many have been turned from finding out for themselves if God really does exist. Since the dictates of the religion define how they should live their lives, they conclude that this is how the god of that religion is dictating to them how they should live their lives.


This accounts for the vast number of different religions that exist in the world, they are so numerous because they have been developed by mankind. Elements of religions or religious thinking that are deemed acceptable and in line with a persons own thinking and opinion cause them to be attracted to that religion.


The religions of the world attempt to answer all of life's questions and to give reason and meaning to the unexplained, they are mans attempt at explaining who God is. In addition  there is a belief by some that they are atheist and they conclude that they don't believe in God and that therefore God does not exist.


To say that someone or something does not exist simply because I don't believe it is as futile as saying I don't believe that a man called Pedro Gonzalez is alive and well in Mexico because I have never seen him or that radio waves do not exist because I have never seen them, sight , logic, reasoning or intellect are not a good indicators of existence.


For this reason we cannot look to Science and Technology to answer the question does God exist because they deal with what can be seen, touched, measured and tested


It is a wasted exercise to say that we don't believe in anything until we see it. To believe in nothing is impossible we all believe in something, so to say that we don't believe in God what we are really saying is that we believe in something, or someone else


 The best that we can conclude if we say that God does not exist is to  conclude that in my finite brain, inside my head, God does not exist,  for it is impossible at this point in time to know the far reaches of the  galaxy and beyond and is therefore just as impossible for me to say  that God does not exist, but what I would really be saying is that for me God does not exist and thereby hangs the problem

The important question is not to prove or disprove to mankind categorically whether God exists or not, but find out for oneself if 'for me God exists' this is how the bible interprets the way in which God desires to make himself known to mankind the bible calls it revelation (Matt 16:13-17 amp) as Jesus said, it does not matter who men say that I am, but who do YOU say that I am?


So lets us look at the evidence that he may exist, the prime evidence is the Bible, the word of God. Now why is it the word of God, can't it be myth, or part true and part fiction.







One thing we need to do, we must either totally reject the word of God as fantasy, which would then bring us round to the point we reached above, no discussion. Or we must totally accept that the Bible is indeed what it says it is the very Word of God.


After all if it is part true and part false, who is the one to decide which bits are true and which bits are false?


 So let us assume for the sake of  progressing in the discussion that The  Bible, the Word of God is indeed true,  now we can set the ground rule based on  the Word of God. that all Scripture 2 Tim 3:16-4:1, which means we have to look  at and consider every word in the Bible,  not just consider some bits and reject  others


 So let's look at who God is according to  His Word

 God is not a man that He should lie.  

 God is not the author of confusion.  

 If God said it He will bring it to pass, and if He spoke it He will surely do it.  

 God is not divided; He will not say  one thing  and do something contrary to what He says.  Let the Word of God be the final authority.  


 So Why can't we see God, why  doesn't he just reveal himself to all


 The Word of God, declares that God  is all around us


 God is Spirit and as such he is invisible to the naked eye,  but visible to the spirit eye.


All Scripture References are from NKJ  version