Kingdom of God System vs 

The World System


There are two systems the Kingdom of God's (kog) system and the system known as the world's way of doing things


Here is the beginning of the kog system repent and change your mind, regret sin (Matt 3:2 amp, The root of sin is not believing God John 16:9 amp) and move to the next and most important step which is to believe God, or do it the worlds way, which is your own way (Prov 14:12).


This is the kingdom of the King who is God and who has a way of doing what he does


Let's compare the worlds system of operation vs the kog system of operation


When you were born into this world, you were trained and taught in the operation of the worlds system or the worlds way of doing things.


The world has a system of running it's economy, health system, marriage system. The world has a way of doing things, the Bible says in proverbs that this way is the way that seems right to a man or right to the world


But Jesus says in John 15:19 You are no longer of the world, which doesn't mean you no longer talk to anyone who is not a Christian, it means that you have chosen to switch over to the kog way, or to begin to live your life the way God operates in his system


Even though we are still in the world we can choose to live in the world, but as born again Christians we should no longer be a part of the worlds way of doing things, the system of this world


So God says now that you are born again you should come out of the worlds way of doing things and come over to the kog way of doing things


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The Kingdom of God's system operates in the law of seedtime and Harvest, to learn more, see the section on 'Seedtime and Harvest'


He says I have some miracles I want to happen and you will most likely never see them unless you come out of the worlds way of trying to get a miracle through science and magic


And come over to the kog way of doing things where miracles happen on a regular basis, because they operate by God who is a miracle working God.


And the Bible is the instruction manual that will teach us how to operate in the miraculous based in God's system


This is our text book showing us how to operate in miracles in the kog system, how to deal with your finances marriage, raising your children, deal with sickness, how to deal with lack, walking in miracles in all areas of life


In any area this Bible will show you the kog system and how God's system will set you free in all areas of life.


What most people do is they get born again, never educate themselves in kog system, so then we are born again Christians still stuck in the worlds way of doing things.


Or at worst live their lives in a mixture of both!.


You are not going to be successful straggling the fence like that


But most of the church is operating in the worlds system, or a mixture of both, trying to bring the world's into Christian living.


Divorce for example is higher in the church than it is in the world


The reason way is they are loving based on the worlds system, trying to run marriages according to the world running where everything is based on their emotions because that’s how the world does it and trying to bring running by emotions into the body of Christ.


I know that might shock you


But they don't know about the kog system and not even the faith people are preaching faith anymore, preaching seeker sensitive sermons that appeal to the emotions


So how can God's people operate in his system if they are not hearing how Gods system operates.


God has some awesome places he wants to take us to, we can either be spectators, which means most of it will probably never happen, or we can be partakers of an intimate relationship with God in his kingdom


 It is time to begin to get past the one point sermons that get you out of church early and on time and begin to teach and preach relationship with Jesus Christ and him crucified


And participation through relationship with Christ and him crucified, in his kingdom and God's system of operation, God's way of doing things which is everything through Jesus Christ and his cross. Operation in his system can only be achieved through relying totally on the Holy Spirit working in our lives through minds and hearts changed back to the cross.


The Worlds system and the roots of Rejection.

Genesis  1:31  The  Root Of Rejection

Rejection starts as a seed that is planted in our lives through different things that happen to us.

The devil does not want to plant just a seed of rejection.

He wants to plant it deep so it will develop into a root that will go way down and have other little rootlets attached to it.

Eventually these roots and rootlets will become a tree.

Whatever you are rooted in will determine the fruit in your life-good or bad.


It you are rooted in rejection,abuse, shame, guilt, or a poor self-image-if you are rooted in thinking, something is wrong with me! Your “tree” Will bear depression, negativism,a lack of confidence, anger, hostility,a controlling spirit, judgmental,a chip on the shoulder, hatred,and self-pity.


It leads you to say to yourself, “well, the real me is not acceptable, so I need to produce a pretend me!”

We spend most of our lives trying to produce a pretend me

Yet a cat does not have a pretend me

But if you train it will produce one,a lady said to me my cat only eats succulent chicken

I asked what do you feed it on? succulent chicken she answered.

The cat or the dog then can think it is a person and try to rule the roost

All the areas of your life that are out of order can be reconciled through Jesus and the work that he has done on the cross.


God can do it for you. Begin to believe it!


Don't settle for bondage, but be determined to be free!

Here is the good news-you can be delivered from the power of rejection!

God's word for you

God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the holy spirit who has been given to us.

Romans 5:5 Godly self-love


The Bible teaches us that the love of God has been poured out: In our hearts by the holy spirit who has been given to us.


That simply means that when the lord, in the person of the holy spirit, comes to dwell in our heart because of our faith in his son Jesus Christ, he brings love with him, because God is love (1 john 4:8).

We all need to ask ourselves what we are doing with the love of God that has been freely given to us.


Are we rejecting it because we don't think we are valuable enough to be loved? Do we believe God is like other people who have rejected and hurt us?


Or are we receiving his love by faith, believing that he is greater than our failures and weaknesses?

We should love ourselves-not in a selfish, self-centered way that produces a lifestyle of self-indulgence, but in a balanced, Godly way,a way that simply affirms God's creation as essentially good and right.

God's plan is this: He wants us to receive his love, love ourselves in a Godly way, generously love him in return,and finally love all the people who come into our lives.

When God reaches out to love us, he is attempting to start a cycle that will bless not only us but also many others.




Psalms 1:3 He shall be like a tree

Planted by the rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also shall not wither;

And whatever he does shall prosper.


Psalms 52:8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God;

I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.


Psalms 92:12 The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,


Proverbs 3:18  Wisdom, She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her,

And happy are all who retain her.




Romans 8:2 Says For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.


The law of the spirit of life turns on and activates the life cycle, the law of sin and death, turns on and activates the death cycle


Proverbs 18:21 death and life are in the power of the tongue,


So our words are connected to our life or death, how we use our mouth has something to do with turning laws on


Words of fear, words that don’t line up with God’s word will turn on or activate the law of sin and death, which will continue until interrupted by words of life.


In the Bible spiritual laws are mentioned, there is a law of kindness, a law of the Anointed one and his Anointing, the law of Christ


These laws will work for anybody who will get involved, the Bible calls anybody, whosoever


On the good side or the bad side, negatively or positively, the law will work for whoever gets involved


It is so important for us to connect the seed that we have been talking about (See the section on 'Seedtime and Harvest'), with the actions that we take, not merely consider it as information, but see it operating as a law in our life.


When we talk about the seed of the word of God, we need to understand that the type of seed will determine the  type of harvest.


So if I am being healed, it is the particular scripture on healing, sown in the ground of my heart that will grow into the healing that I am believing for.


To merely believe God without obtaining God’s seed for the need is to ignore the laws that God has placed into existence


And yet many people do that and expect the result or the harvest to mysteriously come, by God’s sovereignty and without their participation


But scripture tells us that God has laid up the mysteries for us, not from us


He answered and said to them, "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, (Matt 13:11)


The beginnings of everything that we are seeking to accomplish begins with the word


God uses the same method himself, in John chapter 1 it tells us in the beginning was the word


So if God had to begin with the word, you and I have to begin with the word


So anything in our life that we are beginning whether it is healing or deliverance in a certain area, we cannot begin it without the word


The word is the essential thing the principal thing, it is the seed that will produce the harvest that we are after


So apple seed contains the apple or the harvest that we are after


So whatever we are after, say a successful marriage, if we are going to begin it God’s way, we have to get the seed, or the word of God, by going and getting the scripture that we are standing on


Say we get the scripture ‘call those things that be not as though they were’, then that is your faith seed, the scripture you are standing on


The life cycle now begins because you got the seed, but it doesn’t stop there, that is the beginning of our faith.


The seed contains faith words, so when planted in the ground of our heart, it will grow, now faith comes by hearing, the entrance for the seed and hearing by the word, (mouth gate or entrance), of God, the seed of faith produces a harvest of faith.


Now satan cannot create anything so instead he perverts what God says. He takes seed and fills it with fear, so fear comes by hearing and hearing by the words of satan, his seed of fear produces a harvest of fear.


If things are coming out of our heart, and you don’t know why they are coming out, that is the reason


One Bible translation says a man’s harvest in life is based solely on the seeds planted in his heart, we are harvesting right now the result of the seeds sown


If we can come to accept that our life is a result of seeds sown, then we are ready for God to take us into where he wants us to be


But if we can never accept that reasoning, then we will always go around looking for other excuses to explain what we are like.


Any harvest is going to be based upon the diligence or the laziness of the farmer who planted it


If we are not ready to pull up the weeds and ready to handle the insects and intruders that are trying to stop the seed growing,


 If we are not ready to guard our heart with all diligence, then the harvest we get back won’t be a hundred fold, it may be 60, 30 or something less.


God wants us to have the 100 fold, by using our bag of seed our Bible, seeds it will provide for us in every area of our life


The word says in Mark 4 verse 6 that many temptations will come as a result of the seed being planted. The life of faith has started, it says get ready for many temptations


Somebody may have told you that once you became a Christian, that all your problems will pass away, that is a lie


The Bible says that when faith, the seed starts to grow, many temptations will start


So what are temptations or trials, they are really, types of pressure applied to your mind and body, the Bible calls our mind and body, our flesh


They are trying to get you to go against the harvest that is starting to grow


They are trying to get you to contradict what you have started


Pressure applied to your eyes, the lust of the eyes, pressure applied to your ears


Pressure applied to your mouth, we say ‘i am not going to say those things any more’ and the pressure comes on to say those things you said you were not going to say


Pressure to look at what you said you wouldn’t look at


Pressure to hear what you said you wouldn’t hear.


All pressuring the harvest to stop it coming up into full fruit.


Satan doesn’t want us to ever discover that this is how God system works


If we stay in the kingdom of God's system, then satan is unable to change our mind from operating with God.


Because now we will know on purpose, how to overcome all of his evil tricks and schemes, through seed time and harvest


We can not let it happen, we can not let him steal the word any more, by feeding us with his corrupt seed filled with lies


The Bible says our faith is going to be put on trial, what we have been hearing, seeing and speaking is going to be tried by fire to stop the seed being harvested.


But the trying, or the attempts to prevent the seed growing, will produce the end of our faith or the physical manifestation of what started in the seed from the word of God


Though now you do not see him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, 9 receiving the end of your faith-(1 Pet 1:8-9)


Now why is so important to get the seed through your eyes, ears, mouth, why is it so important to maintain our focus


As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the lord searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will cast you off forever. (1 Chron 28:9)


Words produce thoughts, thoughts produce images, God is looking in your heart for words, thoughts, images


O lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, our fathers, keep this forever in the intent of the thoughts of the heart of your people, and fix their heart toward you. (1 Chron 29:18)


Thoughts and images, are responsible for a prepared or fixed heart


A fixed heart with a fixed image, is the step that occurs before the image becomes reality, manifestation


Have you ever seen one of those instant cameras, when you take the picture, pull out the paper, you can watch the image materialise before your very eyes. The image becomes fixed to the paper, by light acting on the material  on the paper.


This is similar to what happens in our spirit, when the seed goes in, we water it with more word and plant more seed.


The seed grows and produces an image, which gets clearer and clearer, until it becomes reality in your body as healing


Now the seed is the sperm which impregnates our heart, the seed grows into an embryo called faith, when the embryo is full term, the child is born bringing the invisible, into the visible, which is called manifested fruit or the harvest has come


In other words, before there can be a harvest, or manifestation, there has to be a seed, then a formed image, a blueprint, or an embryo


Words will produce thoughts, but they will also interrupt thoughts to produce new thoughts


So if you hear a word on Sunday, think about it on Monday, get interrupted on Tuesday, think about something else on Wednesday, then go through the week without giving it another thought. Then the image never gets time to be formed in your heart


So the image is always in embryo stage. So from week to week we find ourselves reworking the image. That is why God hates it when we are in two minds, because it never completes the image


What I can see in my spirit, I will have, image is the final stage of my faith, my embryo, before birth of the harvest


It’s time to pull out the spiritual erasers and erase the wrong images we have been developing


Because if the seed fails to develop the full image, then all we do is walk around with all this head knowledge. Wanting things to happen, but never walking in the reality of it


If we never spend enough time being focused enough to draw out the image, or the blueprint, we will never have what we say


God takes the images we have, formed by his word and causes manifestation to come. That is why no time spent in the word of God is ever wasted


Before image can come, seed must be there, before the reality or the manifestation can come, there must be clear image in our spirit


Now let’s look at the word in detail to see this working


From mark 4:13 the sower sows the word, here are five things that will come to challenge the formation of the image


1. Affliction


3. Cares of this world – (cares or worry, worry is a negative form of meditation)

4. Deceitfulness of riches, the spirit of greed – a man who does not have knowledge and understanding of God’s real purpose for money

5. Lust or appetite of the flesh  (i.e. Having eyes of lust)


And he said to them, "Is a lamp brought to be put under a basket or under a bed? Is it not to be set on a lamp stand? (Mark 4:21)


Here’s the light looking for the seed in our reborn spirit, the spirit of a man is the candle of the lord (Prov 20:27)


For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. (Mark 4:22)


The image will be made manifest when the image is clear enough God will come down to see what they have built and cause it to be manifest


But the lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.(Gen 11:5)


If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.(Mark 4:23)


Take care what goes in your ears, for it will come out of your mouth, out of the abundance of the heart


Then he said to them, "Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you; and to you who hear, more will be given. (Mark 4:24)


Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (2 Cor 10:5)


Casting down imaginations or every image and make them obey the word of God, to the obedience of Christ, to the obedience of his image, our true image of who we are.


If the image is never fully formed, we will never see the true image of Jesus in our soul area, our mind, it will always be some other image of who we think we are


More faith will come to those that hear the word, because more word will be given, faith comes by hearing the word.


For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him." (Mark 4:25)


If you don’t have the right image of the word, even the small amount of right image you have already stored (the good treasure) you will lose to be overtaken by the weeds, the corrupt seed.


So now the small image you had will be lost and you won’t get the harvest, the manifestation


He that has not, he doesn’t even have an image of what he’s got – he’s not interested in going any further in God


How do we see ourselves? What is our hope, our blueprint. If we don’t have the image or the hope, there is very little that God can do, with a hopeless man or woman.


A man without an inner image of where he is going, has no inner vision to guide him


So you can go no further, for there is nothing on the inside that is ready to be manifested.


Whatever you have on the inside, so is the kingdom of God, seed-time and harvest, it will produce.


Satan's vision produces nothing, his vision is of nothing


God’s vision produces our inheritance, manifest as the abundant life in us and in others.


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